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Glee Big Bang
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a Big Bang challenge for the television show Glee
Welcome to Glee Big Bang!

Welcome to gleebigbang, a Big Bang challenge for the television show Glee. A Big Bang challenge consists with authors and artists coming together to work on a completed fic. Authors write a fic of at least 15,000 words focussing on Glee. Artists are then given a story to work on fanart for (Fanart can include banners, posters, icons, manips, videos, fanmixes, podfic...)
I'm interested!

That's what we like to hear! More detailed rules and information, along with the timeline for Round Three and an FAQ, can be found here. Author signups are here, and Artist signups are here.

January 23rd, 2012: Prompt post opens
January 30th, 2012: Author and artist sign ups open
March 31st, 2012: Author sign ups close
February 25th, 2012: Checkpoint #1
March 23rd, 2012: Checkpoint #2
April 20th, 2012: Checkpoint #3
May 1st, 2012: Author's rough drafts due
May 6th, 2012: Fic summaries posted for artist & mixer claiming
June 11th, 2012: Final Fic and Art due
June 13th, 2011: Posting schedule posted
June 18th, 2012: Stories begin to be posted!

Your moderator for this challenge is chosenfire28. If you have any questions or concerns that can't be aired on the FAQ post, feel free to PM me or email gleebigbang@gmail.com

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